Bringing Structr to the Graph

Structr is a Graph Application Framework and CMS on Neo4j,
providing rich schema support and everything you need to build web apps.

What is Structr?

Structr allows you to build graph-based mobile and web applications in a few hours.

You can support Structr

Structr is fully open source. You can support the development by contributing to the code base, write documentation, and we appreciate any amount you can afford!

To do so, you have the following options:





On, we provide


The latest version is available as Debian package (.deb) or platform-independent (-dist.tar.gz) file:


Latest release is 1.0.RC4.

If you like to follow the ongoing development, you can try the latest SNAPSHOT build from the unstable (develop) branch. These versions should build and run ok, as we're running all our internal projects and most customer projects with them. You can download them here.


Development of Structr began in May 2010. The first versions v0.1 and v0.2 were internal proof-of-concept versions, not publicly available.

On May 31, 2011, structr was made public. The complete source code is available on GitHub:

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