Structr is an Open Source Application Development and Runtime Environment to Build Graph-Based,
    Web and Mobile Applications.

Structr is Open and Free Software. The sources are published on GitHub. There's also a company behind Structr offering support, training, hosting and custom development.

Structr in Four Steps

1. Create and evolve your data model using the schema editor.

2. Import your data and write a few queries.

3. Choose and import a page as template.

4. Wire front-end and data model together - done.

What is Structr?

Rapid Application IDE

Build sophisticated web applications based on beautiful templates using shared components and widgets.

Content Repository

Access Structr's virtual file system through various connectors like CMIS, FTP and SCP, or use the Web UI.

Graph Explorer

Query, explore, visualize and modify your graph.

JSON Document Database

Use Neo4j like a Document Database with bi-directional transformations between graph structures and JSON documents.

New Feature: Editor auto-completion

Structr offers auto-completion for data key, attributes and built-in functions in the content editor. No need to lookup type attributes in the schema anymore, just hit '.' or Ctrl-Space.

It's already available in the latest builds.

Building Graph-Based Web Applications With Structr 1.0

In this 46-minutes screencast, Axel explains Structr and demonstrates how to build graph-based web applications with it.

Find more screencasts on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/Structr