Structr is the leading Graph-based Low-Code Development
    and Runtime Platform for Data-centric Web and Mobile Applications.

Structr is Open Source software with all its source code published on GitHub. There's also a company behind Structr offering support, training, hosting and custom development.

What is Structr?

Structr is a Graph-based Low-Code Development and Runtime environment for Data-centric Web and mobile Applications.

Among its many features are a visual schema editor tool to customize the data model at runtime, a JSON/REST API to access any data in form of JSON documents, an IDE to create micro web apps, a Content Management System featuring a virtual file system with fulltext indexing/-search and many file protocol connectors, a comprehensive three-level security system to define and manage users, groups, access rights and individual object permission, and last but not least a variety of technical interfaces to support data exchange, report creation and connecting to third-party systems.

Rapid Application IDE

Build sophisticated web applications based on beautiful templates using shared components and widgets.

Content Repository

Access Structr's virtual file system through various connectors like CMIS, FTP and SCP, or use the Web UI.

Graph Explorer

Query, explore, visualize and modify your graph.

JSON Document Database

Use Neo4j like a Document Database with bi-directional transformations between graph structures and JSON documents.


Visual Data Modeling Tool

Create types for objects and relations between them

Manage attributes, views and data types

Define schema methods for advanced behaviour


Web Development Environment

Edit pages

Define shared components

Create reusable widgets


Manage users and groups

Set access permissions for backend resources

Object-level permissions


Table-based data CRUD editor

Create, update and delete objects

Manage relationships between data objects

Export and import to/from CSV