Cutting deployment times by up to 95%

Since we introduced deployment exports/imports in Structr 2.1 (see our productivity increased steadily. Being able to quickly spin up a completely emtpy Structr instance and deploying an existing application without the user data proved to be a very convenient and fast way to test/develop new features. Not to speak of the other benefits like version control, making it easier to work with multiple developers and so on... [...]

Some Benchmarks

Recently, we made some changes in the backend. See this forum post for more details:!topic/structr/CHQx5e7vTVgEarly BenchmarksIn order to detect possible impacts on… [...]

Release 0.8.2

We're happy to announce the new release 0.8.2 of Structr! Perhaps it should have been better labeled 0.9, as we included some new features, and it's built on Neo4j 1.9.5.But until 1.0, it's difficult… [...]