We love Open Source and Free Software

With Community, we mean the people who are interested in Structr, having fun building a great product together. We, the core team, made a start, releasing thousands of lines of code to the public.

Community means also give and take. You can use Structr for free, even in commercial projects, as long as you publish your source code under the same license as we did. If you can't disclose what you've built upon Structr, please ask us for a commercial license.

If you just use Structr for your own project, as a standalone software, not changing or re-using the source code in your own product, you can use it like you use MySQL or any other GPL-licensed CMS (most of them are GPL-licensed), free of charge and free of any other restrictions.

Join Development

Fork Structr on GitHub. We're happy to review your Pull Request. Please make sure to write an appropriate test before submitting a PR. There are a lot of examples you can take as templates for writing your own tests:
Structr Core Tests
Structr REST Tests
Structr UI Tests

Found a Bug?

If you stumble upon a bug in Structr, please report it here. You're of course welcome to request features (we know that there are a lot missing). Please do report them directly as a GitHub issue using the appropriate tag.


For general questions and discussions around Structr, there's a Mailing List and Forum at Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/structr