with Structr, the Award-winning Open-Source Data CMS based on Neo4j.

Structr is Open Source. The sources are published on GitHub. There's also a company behind Structr offering training, consulting, hosting and custom development.

Some of the Features

Security and Access Control

User and groups management; Public, protected and private nodes; OAuth integration, HTTPS/SSL configuration

Graph-based Page Rendering Engine

Ultra-fast HTML5 page rendering engine with access control on element level; supports templates

Integrated REST Server

Convert Neo4j into a Document database and create your own Database-as-a-Service in just minutes

Data modeling without programming

Create and maintain your data model at runtime with the Visual Schema Editor

Built-in file and image server

Serve files, images and stream videos with Structr; Up- and download via FTP

Advanced indexing and -search

Numeric, range-, date- and geo-queries; Neo4j Spatial built-in

Building Graph-Based Web Applications With Structr 1.0

In this 46-minutes screencast, Axel explains Structr and demonstrates how to build graph-based web applications with it.

Find more screencasts on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/Structr