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  • 30-Jun-2015
  • Bootstrap, Blogging

Structr Blog

Structr Blog is a blogging app that allows authenticated users to write blog posts and add images. Anonymous users can post comments. The blog post can of course be edited after posting.

Download will be available soon
  • This showcase app demonstrates the following Structr features:

    • Drag & Drop File Upload
    • Structr Actions
    • Content Sharing
    • Fulltext Search
  • Creator:

    Henning Uhlig

Photo Album

A photo sharing / gallery app with drag & drop upload based on Twitter Bootstrap. This showcase app includes many solutions for common Structr development challenges, from double opt-in user registration, user & group management, internationalization, up to resource sharing and many more.

Installation instructions

Download the ZIP file and extract it to your Structr main installation directory. The ZIP file contains a db/ and a files/ directory. Start your Structr instance and log in with the default credentials admin/admin.

Note: Please make sure to backup any existing db/ and files/ directories prior to extraction of the ZIP file.

Download now!
  • This showcase app demonstrates the following Structr features:

    • Drag & Drop File Upload
    • Content Sharing
    • Content Repeaters
    • Double Opt-In Signup
    • Structr Actions
    • User & Group Management
  • Creator:

    Christian Morgner

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